Hello! I'm Jewels, the owner of Astrid + Lucie. I'm a 90’s kid, mom of boys, and English major from sunny Southern California. As a creative maker, my love of visual arts and writing serendipitously led me to the fashion industry. My hobbies include mixed media arts, wandering around vintage markets, collecting too many categories of things, and exploring PCH and beyond.


The name Astrid and Lucie is inspired by a passion for storybooks and the idea of characters. Modern women have alter egos like super heroes. In one moment, we can be sophisticated professionals, and in another, spontaneous adventurers. No matter our settings or narratives, we all have multiple facets within ourselves that we yearn to express. To me, the names Astrid and Lucie represent these beautiful dualities within women, like a star in the night and the sun in the day: both radiating light, but each in its own unique way.

Of course, dynamic women need dynamic wardrobes. However, wearability and pricing can make trying new aesthetics and styles a struggle. For example, I want to be fashionable but need to be on the go. I love the sexy trends like cutouts but I also need to be a certain degree of modest (hello, fellow school parents at pickup time). I can’t be the only one who's fallen in love with the front of a dress, only for the entire back to be missing. Surely there are others who need an easy, affordable way to recreate those Pinterest vibes...comfortably?

For us, I’ve curated a shop where, no matter the trend, you won’t have to worry about things like styling, comfort, bra problems, or being too expensive. It might sound silly, but I’ve gathered only pieces that I would wear for a full day at Disneyland or Palm Springs: comfortable, full of personality, and always photo ready. My hope is that Astrid + Lucie will be an oasis in your wardrobe, your break from all the everyday hustle and bustle...kind of like a frozen margarita on a Monday night. Let’s dress our cares away, together!